All Terrain Tires - Winter Tires for Snow and Ice

Snow tires, also called winter tires, are specialized tires made especially for use on ice and snow. Snow tires normally have a tread pattern consisting of larger gaps than the normal treads on standard tires, which increase traction on snow and icy surfaces. These tires can be a great help in slippery conditions, where regular tires would simply bounce off of the ground. Some snow tires are made with a double stud, allowing them to be placed even under slush and wet ice conditions. Others have three or four studs, which are useful in clearing small piles of snow that may have accumulated on the road surface.

Before purchasing snow tires you must make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the proper suspension and tires for driving in these kinds of conditions. Most vehicles are designed with spring suspension, which has only certain degrees of sensitivity and doesn't typically handle temperatures much below freezing. You should purchase a tire that has a high compression rating in order to handle temperatures as low as forty degrees Fahrenheit, although the lower temperatures may still affect the performance of the tire.

One of the benefits of getting winter tires is increased traction. As you drive over snow or ice, the weight of your tires tends to pull the vehicle to the right, and that pulls the vehicle right into the snow. This added weight creates less traction, and in turn makes it more difficult to stop the car. However, if you have the proper suspension and tires, you will find that getting snow traction at Winter Tires for sale shop is not difficult as you might think. In fact, you may find that it's much easier to stop your car than it was before you drove on snow.

Because of their specialized tread patterns, studded snow tires are used on vehicles that don't have the ability to handle extreme temperatures. They are often sold in pairs, one set designed for regular driving conditions, and one set designed for conditions where the temperature could be up to ten degrees above zero. The studded variety has a deep and tough construction, and the treads are placed in a way that increases their gripping ability. Generally speaking, Winter Tires Edmonton with studs are better at handling a variety of conditions.

If you live in an area that rarely gets snow, or at least never sees heavy snow, then studded all-terrain tires may be the best choice. These are especially good for people who like to drive their cars on the snow or ice, because studs will hold the weight of the snow properly. Another benefit of studded winter tires is that they are more secure and stronger when driving on snow. Most drivers will agree that they are safer to drive over slushy conditions than their all-terrain tires counterparts.

The type of traction that is provided by a tire is based on the specific design of that tire. The most common design provides less traction, but more trust, when driving on slushy conditions. The more trust that a driver has in his or her vehicle, the more confidence that the driver will have in the stability of the vehicle. Driving on slushy roads in wet conditions could present a dangerous situation. Therefore, extra care must be taken to ensure that you choose the right all-terrain tires for your car. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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